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Symbolic lost

Symbolic lost

by Anca Elena PETRACHE

( 22.12.08)

I’m just in time to say the small words

For as I closed the book of lost

I found me hanging empty on two roads

And in my pocket a sun-ray that was frost.

I started running to the little light,

But I was running backwards.

My days and nights started a fight

My inside screamed to save me outwards.

I stopped and listened for awhile…

Your silence brought before the curtain.

And as I wanted to gaze in the pile,

You fell asleep, like in a coffin.

The sparkle in your eye gave you away.

I felt the light, the darkness of that day…

And suddenly I knew that I was not to stay.

I woke-up watching the blue sky in the hay.

Something has left from where it was,

Someone has been replaced with light,

Something came in the place of the old laws,

Someone replaced another for this new fight.

When does one start to write?

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